• Artist Statement

    It’s difficult to find the words to express how I feel about my art and the process I go through while I’m creating an individual piece. I can say that nothing is more fun and rewarding for me than to sit quietly with the subject and attempt to understand what is moving beneath the surface. Sometimes it is a powerful emotion, sometimes a quiet contemplation, a struggle or even a whimsical posture. Early in the process, the subject and I make a connection, followed by a period of conversation. At some point, the sculpture itself takes on a life and a form of its own. The final step – the conversation expands to include anyone else who might come walking by.

    I have always loved the realism of the Masters like Michelangelo, Berniniand Rodin but also have always loved the works of the abstract masters like Brancusi, Boccioni and Henry Moore. I have tried to combine these styles of observation and emotion. I am attempting to capture man’s inner struggle, quiet contemplation, expectation and peace. When asked what my art means, I like to defer to the form and let it speak for itself.

    I feel strongly that my sculpture is my statement. It is hard to put into words what my art means or how I’m feeling about it while I’m in the process of creating it. I know when it’s working for me and I know when I’m finished with a piece. It tells me when it’s done. If different people see different things and have different emotions with my work then I have been successful.